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Our Mission

Hardware Retailing is a how-to management and new products magazine that gives readers practical advice on improving their businesses.

The magazine offers the value of a strong editorial staff, insider advice from trusted experts and the personal stories from retailers who run successful businesses.

Editorial Content

Hardware Retailing delivers readers editorial content designed to help them run better, more profitable businesses.

How-to Management Articles

Readers get inside stories and ideas from independent retailers who are implementing the latest best practices in their operations. Check one out.

Research-Driven Articles

Throughout the year, Hardware Retailing conducts industry research and retailer and consumer surveys to deliver data-focused trends. Check one out.

Retailer Success Profiles

A key tenet of Hardware Retailing is to show how retailers are succeeding and innovating. These stories provide ideas to industry peers. Check one out.

Category Trends

Retailers continually report that they read the magazine for category and product trends to learn how they can differentiate in specific categories. Check one out.

Top 5 Reasons Retailers Read Hardware Retailing Magazine

The magazine provides me with information about new products.

The magazine helps me better manage my business.

The magazine teaches me what retailers are doing to be successful.

The magazine keeps me up to date on the industry.

The magazine keeps shows me new ways to merchandise products.

Source: Hardware Retailing Magazine Readership Study

Editorial Calendar

Take a closer look at the wide range of topics Hardware Retailing will cover in 2020.

Each page in the magazine presents valuable, relevant content that is designed to help retailers improve their operations. That’s why 81 percent of readers say it’s the most valuable publication for their business. Put your message in front of this engaged audience.

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