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Advertising Specs

Trim Size

8`` x 10.75``

Nonbleed Ads (w x h)

2-Page Spread

15`` x 10``

Full Page

7`` x 10``

2/3 Vertical

4.5`` x 10``

1/2 Horizontal

7`` x 4.875``

1/2 Island

4.5`` x 7.5``

1/2 Vertical

3.375`` x 10``

1/3 Vertical

2.125`` x 10``

1/4 Horizontal

7`` x 2.375``

1/4 Square

3.375`` 4.875``

Bleed Ads (w x h)

Includes .125`` bleed on all 4 sides

Live Matter

7`` x 10``

2-Page Spread

16.25`` x 11``

Full Page

8.25`` x 11``

2/3 Vertical

5.125`` x 11``

1/2 Vertical

4`` x 11``

1/2 Horizontal

8.25`` x 5.5``

1/3 Vertical

2.625`` x 11``

Digital Specifications

Digital Specifications

Preferred format: High-resolution (300 dpi) PDF file. Other acceptable file types include: Adobe InDesign CC, Photoshop CC TIFF or EPS file or Illustrator CC EPS file.

Adobe Photoshop Files Save as 300 dpi TIFF or EPS files. Flatten layers. All color including images must be CMYK.

Illustrator Files Convert fonts to outlines and embed images. All links need to be TIFF or EPS files. All color, including images, transparencies or gradients, must be CMYK. Final file should be saved as an Illustrator EPS.

InDesign Files All files must be Mac-formatted and collected for output. Include all fonts. Files should be set up for 4/C process printing, no spot colors. All images are to be in CMYK mode, saved as EPS or TIFF format. Images must be CMYK, high resolution (300 dpi for CMYK and grayscale images and 600 dpi for line art). RGB, JPG or PSD files are not acceptable. 

PLEASE NOTE Any other digital format must be submitted as a high-resolution PDF file. Any ads submitted in other digital formats may be charged additionally to convert to acceptable formats. Please call for details before submitting materials. 

Printing Specifics

Body and covers are printed web offset. Line screen is 133. Total dot density should not exceed 300 percent in four colors. Two-color dot density should not exceed 180 percent, with one color solid. SWOP standards apply.

Proofs Required

Hardware Retailing is not responsible for color variations between the digital ad file and the printed ad if a high-end proof is not submitted. The advertiser or its agency is responsible for providing digital ad files that conform to published ad material specifications. Hardware Retailing is not responsible for making corrections to ad materials in order to meet those specifications.

PDF Files

Advertising materials may be submitted as PDF files (PDF X-1a). All files need to follow all previous guidelines.

  • Supply single-page files only.
  • All fonts must be properly embedded.
  • Do not “menu-style” fonts.
  • All images must be CMYK. Never use RGB, lab or ICC-based colors. Do not save using JPG compression.
  • All component files and resources (linked EPS and TIFF images) must be embedded. Embedded raster files must be in composite TIFF or EPS format. 
  • Build all full pages to trim size and extend the bleed .125″ beyond the document page.
  • Leave a safety margin of .25″ for artwork/type not intended to bleed the page.
  • Output with crop and registration marks centered. Set bleed to .125″. (Don’t forget to include the bleed when making your PDF.)
  • Save as a high-resolution 300 dpi PDF.
  • Do not downsample.

Contact and Shipping Information

Austin Vance
Hardware Retailing
136 N. Delaware Street, #200
Indianapolis, IN 46204
phone: 574-340-1908



Email high-resolution PDF files to (May also send by Dropbox, Hightail, etc.)

Large Files

Files too large to email can be uploaded at