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4 Advertising Myths

Don’t buy into the hype. Read these four advertising myths—and learn how advertising in a trade publication like Hardware Retailing can help you bust them.

Myth #1: People don’t trust ads.

It’s true that many of us suffer fatigue from constant advertising and the monetization of, well, everything. But not all ads and publications are created equal.

According to responses from a Hardware Retailing readership survey:

  • 96% of subscribers make purchasing decisions for their operation.
  • 72% of subscribers say they have added a product to their store after they first saw it in Hardware Retailing.
  • 74% of readers say if they could only pick one publication they consider the most valuable industry resource, it would be Hardware Retailing.
  • 89% of readers agree with the statement that “Hardware Retailing is an excellent source for information on new products.”

So while we could maybe stand to see fewer Starbucks ads or digital advertising based on data mining, in this case, trade publication ads seem to be welcomed and trusted. When it comes to advertising, consider the source. 

Myth #2: It’s impossible to target the right people.

Outside of live dealer markets—where retailers can touch and experience new products in person—advertising through trade publications is one of the best ways to reach independent home improvement operators. Why? Publications like Hardware Retailing guarantee an engaged audience of home improvement retailers who trust and read the magazine and its newsletters for new product ideas, category trends and retailer success stories. 

Why go to the work and expense of building (or buying) an audience from scratch when you know advertising with Hardware Retailing will reach nearly 34,000 readers (who, on average, each pass their magazine on to three additional people)? 

Myth #3: Press releases and organic content can replace traditional advertising.

Readers prefer trusted sources for information—such as hearing about a product directly from the source or reading about it in a magazine story. However, a strong and well-rounded marketing plan should include traditional advertising so manufacturers can share their ads among quality magazine content. (After all, there are only so many ways you can continue to create legitimate and timely news about your product.)

A recent Hardware Retailing study showed the top three places retailers get information from manufacturers about new products and line launches are through their wholesale partners, trade media articles and ads (such as magazines and newsletters). Ignoring opportunities to advertise in trade publications would be a missed opportunity. 

Myth #4: A good product sells itself.

A quality product can benefit from positive word-of-mouth. However, the market is saturated with good products and ideas, and word-of-mouth should not be your entire marketing strategy. 

So how can you differentiate yourself from the competition and reach more people? Advertising in trade publications should be one of your goals. 

Not only can you reach the right people the right way (see myths #2 and #3), but when you advertise with Hardware Retailing specifically, you are investing in the future of the independent home improvement industry. 

Hardware Retailing is the official media brand of the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA), a nonprofit association for independent home improvement, paint and decorating retailers, and revenue generated from Hardware Retailing is used to develop new programs for retailers.

In conclusion…

Retailers have just experienced back-to-back years of soaring business and profits, and they are going to be looking for new products and ideas for their businesses. Is your advertising ready to meet this demand?

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Julie Leinwand

Julie Leinwand is the corporate communications manager and editor for NHPA. She graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys baking fanciful desserts and spending time with her puppies and husband.

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